About WGII

Working Group ICCAs Indonesia (WGII) was established in the post-Symposium ICCAs in Bogor which was held on October 13-14, 2011. ICCAs Indonesia works with member of various NGO in Indonesia: BRWA, JKPP, WWF Indonesia, KIARA, NTFPEP, WALHI, AMAN, Sawit Watch, Pusaka dan Huma. WGII aims to improve a better understanding of knowing-how the indigenous people in Indonesia manage environment conservation through their local wisdom.

Dissemination of Indonesian Indigenous People

Conservation strategy and sustainable development principle covering a wide landscape scale, for instance in regency or province level, spread up the new opportunity and challenge for indigenous people and stakeholders to develop collaboration pattern. This pattern could strength indigenous people security ecologically, socially and economically in order of equitable and sustainable development. As the resolution, documentation of customary forest, indigenous area and conservation area by indigenous people (Indigenous Community Conserved Areas) become a main issue to encourage authorization of indigenous area by showing how the local wisdom has significance value to conserve our mother-earth: customary forest, coastal area and sea.

WGII Member

“Every single leaf on the tree is callng for rain and the roots of the tree will hold the water”

Quoted from Pasang ri Kajang Bulukamba, South Sulawesi. WGII Member committed to documented indigenous community key role regarding environmental conservation.