You can register ICCAs by choosing one of this alternative procedure: Online Registration or Offline Registration.

ICCAs Online Registration Process

  1. Create your User Account
    • Applicant open
    • To have access of online registration, user account needs to’   be registered in the following link:
    • Applicant fills and completes form of user account profile as activation requirement.
  2. Account Activation
    • System will be automatically send the link of activation through applicant’s email. Please kindly check your email to confirm the activation process.
    • If there is no activation email in your inbox, please kindly informs WGII Secretariat by phone or mail so we could process it as soon as possible.
    • If the applicant has confirmed the account through link from email, then applicant should login by filling user name and password at the link:
    • After logging in, applicant should filling the form of Online Registration.
  3. Online Registration Form Completion
  4. Accepted Notification of Online Registration
    • System will be automatically notify about accepted Registration Form through your email.
    • If the filled form is rejected (incomplete or error), system will be automatically send the notification to applicant to fill the incomplete form. Applicant cannot continue the further process before the form is completed.
    • If the registered form is accepted, system will notify status of community conservation area which has been approved and registered. It will be published at website as well.

ICCAs Offline Registration Process

  1. Applicant downloads the Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 here.
  2. Applicant completes the forms and send them to email or through the shipping agency to the address WGII Secretariat: a.n NTFP-EP Office Jl. Balitvet CC.19 Cimanggu – Bogor.