Working Group ICCAs Indonesia (WGII)

Is a working group formed after the ICCAs Symposium in Bogor on October 13-14, 2011. ICCAs Indonesia consists of some 10 national NGOs in Indonesia including JKPP, WWF Indonesia, KIARA, NTFP-EP Indonesia, WALHI, AMAN, Sawit Watch, Pusaka, Huma and BRWA. The WGII working group aims to promote and enhance the understanding of Natural Resource and environmental management practices by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs - Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas) based on their local wisdom or local customs. WGII has been a member of the ICCA Consortium since 2015, and until now has been active in strengthening the ICCA movement at both global and national levels in recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples and communities to their territories, lands and ICCAs.


The ICCAs Indonesia Working Group is coordinated by a Host / coordinator, and the managerial work of the Working Group is organized by a secretariat

Host: Customary Territory Registration Board

Coordinator: Kasmita Widodo

Members :